You’ll only get these at the brewery. Come on down and have a taste while you can. Growler and crowler fills are limited. GET DIRECTIONS HERE.

Disobedient Beer #13: Berry Fruited Sour


This experimental sour is exclusive to our tasting room and berry, berry nice.

Disobedient Beer #14: Tropical Fruited Sour


Could this experimental sour be your one-way ticket to a tropical paradise? No. Absolutely not. The beer is tasty, but it's winter...and we live in Maryland.

7 Pot Pepper Pale Ale


Heavy pepper infused pale ale.

Red Rover


Belgian Red

Blacks Ops #2


Hazy black NEIPA with tangerine

Junto Society Strawberry Shortcake Blonde


Every year, the Junto society gathers in secrecy to pitch beer ideas to the disobedient brewers at Flying Dog. After much deliberation, one idea really took the cake -- Strawberry Shortcake Blonde. So cheers to the Junto knuckleheads who dreamt up this dessert in liquid form. We think your idea was pure genius. As they say, the cream always rises to the top -- and this year, that cream just happened to be whipped.